Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bon Voyage New York, Howdy UK!

Obligatory Abbey Road shot (with Mom's thumb in the way)
It's a rainy day in Puycasquier, France, and I must admit I'm quite glad, because it gives me a chance to abstain from sightseeing and walking-about and to reflect a bit on what's happened so far...

Quite a whirlwind since the record-release show, since I boarded a plane to London two days after.  Got to stay in North Hampstead in London with my parents at the Wallin household.  The first couple of days consisted of heavy sight-seeing -- the Big Bus Tour, London Tower, Jack-the-Ripper walking tour in the pouring rain, Hyde Park, the ferry ride down the Thames, the obligatory fish 'n chips, and Several Old Speckled Hens (my fav).  I even managed to drop the folks off at Buckingham palace while I took a meeting with a London music manager, who gave me some solid advice, and has helped me out with booking a few shows here.

Our hostess, Loretta, was so welcoming and gracious that after two days of aggressive sight-seeing, we all crashed out at her house and nursed our fatigue.

Me asleep in the bus station at Waterloo
after missing the 7am bus (shocking!)

The day of travel northward was about as nightmarish as a day of travel can be.  Missed the 7am bus (of course!!!), only to see my newborn cousin for 10 minutes, rushed to get back to the train station only to miss the train as well!!!  Got lost in Leicester trying to find the bus station, squelched a small panic attack, but finally booked an expensive and LONG train + bus route up to Berwick via NewCastle.  However, made the final destination (13 hours of travel later) to the BEST tasting dinner ever!  Fresh whole seabass, home-made bread, and courgettes (the English version of zucchini) and multiple glasses of red wine.  Aahhhhhh.....

Outside the Old Vicarage B & B, admiring the
free range eggs.

Spent the next four days visiting Berwick-upon-Tweed, where my grandmother grew up, and where her brother (my great-Uncle Bob) and his wife Nancy still live.  This town is on the boarder of England and Scotland and has changed hands somewhere in the realm of 13 times.

This is where my ancestors were from....what?!?!
 Of course there was no internet in the B & B, so I felt completely disconnected from the reality I'm accostomed to, and became more entrenched in the reality my Granny must have been accostomed to.  The village was  breathtakingly seaside and war-ridden, the weather severe, and the people hardy.  Some of the best seafood I've ever had as well. 

From there, took a short train to Edinburgh, where sadly I could only spend one day.  Hiked up the Mound to Edinburgh Castle to get a grand vista of the old and new sides of town.  I'll have to go back -- everyone was incredibly friendly and humorous.

View from my Cousin Stewart's
house in Puycasquier, France.
Another day of flight brought me to my cousin's house, near Toulouse, and here I am!  Have spent the past few days relaxing in the countryside, and visiting small villages, and of course gorging on cheese and local wine. :)  Next week will head back to London for some shows!  (of course I've left out a ton, but too much to write!) 

Until then,


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 9: The Continuum

I'm taking a voyage.

I've quit my job in NYC, and following my album release, I'll be boarding a plan to London.  Two months of adventuring abroad, then to Northern California.

Once my trip is over, I'll be continuing my voyage towards a sustainable music career.  And after completing this blogging challenge, I have an idea about what kind of effort that takes.

It's strange -- although I've been performing in New York City for years, I feel like my career is still in its early stages.  I'm really just starting out.  I have my first product available for sale this month!  I'm having my first solo show in two weeks.  My mailing list is still relatively small, and I've only been at this online promotion thing for a couple of months.  Following the steps in MSi9W has definitely opened my eyes to all of the legwork that I still need to do.  I've laid a lot of groundwork, but the process will need to continue for some time if I want to see any success.

Me at GaluminumFoil Studio, recording with Dead Copycats   

In order to form any kind of continuum program, like the ones mentioned in the last chapter of Music Success, I'll need to build my fan base quite a bit.  This is the challenge for me at this stage, and I'll need to focus most of my energy here.  I'd really like to participate in a crowd-funding campaign since that's where I see the music business heading.  Once in California, time will be less of a luxury, and I'd like to use that precious resource to pursue crowd-funding to support my next album, possibly even a tour.  In exchange for financial support, I would grant a membership for lots of free downloads, access to rough mixes, access to videos of the recording process, even voting on which songs to include in the new album.  The campaign would serve as a continuum program because the people who participate would be acting as "producers" of the album, and would have a stake in it.

Over the next couple of weeks, post-blog-challenge, I'll be busy rehearsing for my record release show.  I'm planning on posting the entire album for sale, but I'd also really like to partner with a charity for one of the singles.  I recorded a song "Blue Muse", an ode to my favorite element, that I'd like to sell as a single, with the understanding that I'd give money to that charity. I was a collegiate swimmer and continue to be somewhat of a mermaid, so I think I'd like to support some kind of organization that teaches water safety to city youth, or perhaps an organization for cleaner waterways and drinkable water. I definitely need to do more research.

The Album Cover!!!!  waveside

I can't write my last entry of the contest without looking back over the weeks and seeing the progress. I have a ton of ideas, and even better, I feel motivated and connected.  Overall this challenge has given me a strong sense of empowerment.  I've always known what I wanted to do, but in an industry where 15-year-olds sell the most albums, how the hell do I make a living?  Knowing the concrete steps I can take to make my career sustainable is an invaluable gift.  I'm only beginning my voyage, but now I have a trajectory.

Until next time,

Jess Braun: Soulful Dream Rock Songstress:
Neko Case meets Cat Power meets Florence and the Machine

Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 8: Networking in real life!

For the Music Success blogging challenge this week, Ariel asks us what was the last clever thing we’ve done to network live? I can’t say any particular thing I’ve done has been all that clever, but I do get out a LOT. For a long time, the word “networking” scared the hell out of me. I can’t do that! That sounds awful! After reading books like MSi9w, and the Indie Band Survival Guide, I’ve learned to look at the word differently. You don’t have to give a hard sell.  Networking is just about hanging out with people.

I live in New York City, so there are endless ways to connect with people -- Endless events to attend every single night. Although, I think my most successful networking opportunities have been small gatherings, like a friend’s dinner party. I’m better with small groups, where everyone has a chance to talk and intermingle. It seems like everyone in New York knows a million other people, and it never hurts to tell people what you do. I always follow up with Facebook, no business cards necessary (although I always carry them just in case). I also like to go to events in the city for writers and designers. Not only are most of these folks smart and engaging, but they’re also interested to talk to someone who is outside of their focused scene, but still in the art world (like me!). AND anyone who is successful in the New York city writing and design world has to be a good networker, so they usually know a ton of people.

Waiting in the longest  bathroom line EVER
at the show "Memphis", but gave me the
chance to chat with some music-lovers.
Like many performers, when I’m not onstage, I’m very reserved. Don't get me wrong, I love socializing, but I’m not the best ice-breaker. I usually roll to a party/event/show with a friend or two. It usually makes for a lively, more social evening when I’m already having a good time with people I know.  And I have an arsenal of extremely cultured and attractive women on my side, which never hurts. Rolling up solo is a different story: When I walk into an event where I know nobody, I can be SUCH a creepy lerker. I’ve found that when I’m feeling super creepy and awkward, I get in line. Literally, I walk to the nearest line and stand in it. For some reason, I feel much better striking up a conversation with a stranger if there’s some purpose for me standing there making conversation. Whether it’s a line for a wristband, bathroom, merchandise, face-painting, whatever, I’ve noticed people like to talk in lines, and why not? They’re passing time. Oh, and a little alcohol usually helps, too :)

Reading books like MSi9w has made me realize how important it is to follow up with people. Everyone is so busy, and even if they offer at a party or event to listen to your stuff, it doesn’t mean they’ll remember to do that, or even remember who you are -- I’ve learned to keep a pen on me always, and to always ask for contact info instead of give it. Jotting down notes after a conversation certainly helps too. Especially if you’ve had a couple adult beverages.

Anyway, I'm sending my album Waveside to the duplicator this week and getting super excited for the release. 

Until next time,

Jess Braun: Dream Rock Songstress

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 7: How to Build Your Mailing List

My biggest challenge right now at this stage in my career is getting new listeners.  I do have some very dedicated friends, who are the best supporters ever -- As I look at my mailing list, I personally know almost everyone on it, which is a great thing.  BUT, at the same time, I need to get the word out.

In last week's newsletter, I asked everyone to forward my email to a friend who might enjoy my music.  In return for the contact, they would get a free download off the new album.  I'm not sure it was the most effective Call to Action because I only have a couple new sign-ups.  Will have to get back to the drawing board on that one.  I did, however, get a lot of positive feedback on the tune.

Nina Simone (hard to do her justice )  

Another idea I had to snag new 'listers is to perform cover songs and post them on the major video sites, and offer them as free downloads on my website.  Maybe if someone is searching Nirvana's "Come As You Are" on youtube, or Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" on Vimeo, they'll find my covers in the search results, enjoy them, and then go to my website to download the tune.  OR, better yet, and far more likely, a friend or family member on my mailing list will recommend it to someone else who is not on the list....and so on, and so on....  That is the hope anyway.

I really like the idea (mentioned in MSiNW) of a raffle at a live show.  This got me thinking that at my album release 9/23 at Cameo, I'd like to raffle a copy of the album.  AND, I'm planning on personally sending everyone who  leaves me their email address, a download link for the live album (which will be recorded at the show).

I'm not quite ready to offer any email list "shoutouts" for similar artists, but it's a good idea, and will pursue that when I have more of a following.  In the meanwhile, I'll be on the hunt for more contacts, more listeners, to add to the awesome ones I already have.

Until next time,

Jess Braun: Dream Rock Songstress

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 6: Connecting via Newsletter

This week's challenge in MSi9W is all about sending out regular  correspondence to the people on my mailing list.  Since my solo project began, I've sent out a couple of updates using gmail (BCCing my mailing list of course!)  I'm hesitant to bombard people with emails because, frankly, I know how much content of a newsletter I read.  Skim, skim, skim. I have noticed, however, that the day after I send out an email update, I get the most hits on my website.  This heartens me!  People DO actually read it, and some even click through to the website.  That said, I don't want to abuse my 'listers.

For this challenge, I decided to rev up my email format.  Not that I don't love my Gmail, but it doesn't support HTML (at least I don't think it does).  So I signed up for free with mailchimp, imported my contacts, and started on my template.  It took quite a bit of time to format the newsletter precisely how I wanted it, but now it's there for when I need it the next time.  And it's purple!  One good thing about using mailchimp is that the email still comes from "Jess Braun", so hopefully people won't think it's spam.  I didn't add a survey this time, but will the next time when I build my list more.  You can see the newsletter HERE.

And now an update from challenges-past:
A couple weeks ago, I signed up on Music Alley, and posted "Sometimes", the first track on my new album Waveside, for safe podcast.  It got picked up by two podcasts this week, Indie Music Sampler and Radio Orphans and they had some very nice things to say about the track!  I'm very grateful.

Also, I recorded another cover song (video above) and the mp3 is available for free download on my homepage (if you enter your email address).  In fact, I also placed it in the blog, directly to the left of this post.  The widget seems to only work with certain browsers, which is a shame, but I still like the fact that you don't have to click through any pages to get to the song -- it never takes you away from my website.

To wrap up, I think my online presence is progressing  well.  I can't wait to get my album up and out there, but I have faith that these challenges are setting the right stage for the release.

Until next time,

Jess Braun: Dream Rock Songstress

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 5: Blogging

Rosie the Blogger
So many bloggers!  Wow, the human race certainly has a lot to communicate.  This week, the challenge is about blogging - finding the ones you'd like to regularly read and respond to, and where you'd eventually like to be reviewed.

I've had the Google Reader for a while, which I had assumed left my "calling card" to the blogs I follow.  The whole Google Friend Connect thing was news to me.  But now I've joined that too, so hopefully the people I follow will now know that I follow them.  In addition to the Google reader, I created a yahoo mybloglog account and profile. Within the first 10 minutes I had 5 contact requests -- not totally sure what that means yet, but I think it's good.

I also joined and perused and commented on and subscribed to some blogs who write about the current artists that I admire. These sites turned me onto some very interesting new-to-me bands and some covers of songs by artists I like (think Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love covered by Florence and the Machine). I also finally figured out how to link Google reader to my Blogger account so that my blog site now lists the ones I follow.  Very cool!

Also in MSiNW Chapter 5, Ariel talks about the blogging culture, and how you can't just pitch yourself to someone without engaging first.  I totally agree, and wanted to add that I think it's important to stress the follow-up thank-you when a blogger writes about you. I've only been reviewed so far for my work with Dead Copycats (Remember - the solo album will be released next month!!!) but I made sure to send thank you emails to our reviewers and without fail I've received a follow-up note of appreciation. I don't know if they'll review my solo work, but at least I can say I've got manners ;) {Guess I can't escape my southern roots no matter how long I spend in New York.)

I really enjoyed this challenge because it was all about researching the very music I'm interested in, and finding out what people have to say about it.  This assignment didn't seem at all like "homework" (I have to admit, the techie widgety stuff last week did drive me a little crazy).  I think it's important, not only to engage with people who can help you and who you can help, but also to continue your own musical education simply by exposing yourself to new artists and reading what people say about them.

Until next week:

Jess Braun: Dream Rock Songstress

Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 4: Social Media for Musicians

This week's chapter in 9 Weeks is packed with useful techie websites.  My favorite has to be the commoncraft "in plain English" series, which takes terms like cloud computing and social bookmarking, and explains them in such simple terms that an attentive 4 year old could get it.  I had a vague idea of what a widget was before I saw the commoncraft video, but now I can geek out with the best of 'em!   After watching every single video, I feel downright educated!  That said, there are SO many applications and widgets, it's hard to know which ones to use.

My first Flickr2Facebook Upload
In an effort to simplify these social media processes, I did recently get a fancy phone to help out.  Not to sound too much like a commercial, but the Sprint EVO is super easy to use and comes with applications for facebook and twitter so I can post to both accounts with little hassle. I downloaded an app for twitpic, so now as soon as I take a photo on my phone, I can upload it to twitter instantly.  Far out, man.  Just don't let the wrong person get a hold of your phone -- they can far too easily take sordid photos and upload to ALL your accounts.  Not that I know anything about sordid photos ;)  I can also easily upload photos to my Flickr account, which links to facebook.  Can't wait for the app that just links every single social media site in one go!  Maybe there is one already?

To soup up my facebook page, I decided to go with the Reverbnation "my band" application.  I have some free downloads available there if a listener decides to become a fan.  Also, I added a Facebook "Like" button to my Homepage.  It's right under my exclusive download widget, which I changed after meeting Benji from Pledge Music at Ariel's Brooklyn Cyber/PR mixer last week.  Unlike the Reverbnation widget which asks only for an email address and requires several click-throughs, the Pledge Music widget gives the listener a choice between entering an email address, posting a link to twitter, or posting a "like" to Facebook, and the free download is instant.  Right now, I have the first song "Sometimes" (STUDIO VERSION!!!) from my new album posted for free download, only available on my site.

The Photo I wish I could Send to my Facebook Page instead
of to my FB profile via FlickR (Dead Copycats at
Local 269, NYC)
My problem with facebook is that I find it difficult to manage the band page.  I have a ton of facebook friends on my profile page, but only like 13 facebook band "likes" so it will be interesting to see how my newly added "like" button on my website helps out.  Also, How do you link Flickr to your band page instead of your profile page???  To sidestep this issue, I used the Selective Tweets app to hook up my twitter to my facebook, so that twitter will now automatically post to my profile AND my page.   I'd gladly appreciate any advice from those who are technologically wiser and know how to get more traffic to the page not the profile.

Okay, I'm dizzy now.

I'll do a quick update on last week's topic before I sign off.  My web 2.0 strategy Jess Takes Requests (i.e. audience participation) is progressing, and will hopefully go easier once my technological learning curve gets less steep. Last week I posted my version of Nirvana's "Come As You Are".  This week, I recorded "Happiness is a Warm Gun", originally by the Beatles, which will be on view as of Saturday 7/31.  All my cover songs are available for Free MP3 download.  You can make requests by commenting on this blog or on my site,  or by emailing

I'm happy to report that the exclusive download widget on my site has led to quite a few more people joining my mailing list, and my website's traffic is up by like 400%.  I truly believe that the more energy you put into something, the more you get out of it.  If you're reading this and you dig the music, please share!  And "Like" me (via Facebook)

Much Love Until Next Time,

Jess Braun: Dream Rock Songstress

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 3: Optimizing Your Website

My initial concern with this particular 9 Weeks chapter "Optimizing Your Website" is that my newly recorded material isn't ready to be released.  So, if I can't give away the new songs, what can I give people?  Light bulb!  I have a laptop, I can borrow a video camera...I can record cover songs...and I can sing them at your request.  Everyone is encouraged to request a song for me to sing in a video.  I'll be giving the MP3 versions out as free downloads.  Just send an email with your request to   I shot the first video with guitarist and friend, Sonia Marquez.  Of course, the technology gods do not generally smile upon me, but I hope to get the first video up and running by tomorrow.  You can watch it HERE.

Going through this week's chapter checklist, technical difficulties seem to be the running joke...on me.  Twitter won't upload my profile info.  My MP3s are too big to post on Myspace or Facebook.  My "Sounds like" pitch won't fit in the top third of my homepage.  My computer won't upload the video I shot.  Nothing's ever just easy, is it? 

However! I'm going through the steps, doing what I can with what I've got, which is all we can ever do.  The good news is that I have a free MP3 to give away right's the demo version of "Sometimes", which I recorded in my hallway.  It's on my homepage. The studio version will be the first track on my new album.  AND, my website loads quickly, thanks to hostbaby, which incidentally has some great web building templates.  Mine fits my aesthetic perfectly -- purple and swirly!  -- and matches my Myspace

I've also noticed many more hits on my website since this blogging challenge began, so that's rad.  Until next week,

Jess Braun: Dream Rock Songstress

Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 2: Your Perfect Pitch

Nine out of ten times, when I tell someone I'm a singer, the next words out of the person's mouth are"What kind of music?"  While this is by far the most difficult question for a musician to answer, without an answer, you look like a complete fool.  I know this first-hand.  I have been this fool.  This week's chapter, "Your Perfect Pitch" is THE most challenging because you have to look at yourself from a marketing perspective.  I find it incredibly difficult to see myself and my music from an outside point-of-view, which is why I enlisted help!

I fall into the category of being one of the luckiest people in the world because I have some of the best friends on the planet.  One of them is Nora Geiss, who works for a branding company in New York City.  Together, we sat down with some of her colleagues at Interbrand who had the graciousness to spend some time listening to my music and offering up ideas.  (Thank you Nora, Melinda, Jill, Cesar, Rachel and Lauryn).  We concluded that the songs on my new EP are dreamy, watery, introspective narratives that come from a place of strength and truth.  Out of this discussion, my genre "Dream Rock Songstress" was born.  It conveys that I'm a female solo artist who sings chilled out rock music, and also hints at a soulful sound.  I hope it also invokes a certain amount of curiosity.  At the suggestion of Ariel in "Music Success in Nine Weeks", I have this tag on my website, email signature, facebook page, myspace page, etc.

The next question people generally ask me is "well, who do you sound like?"  Oh man!  Another crazy difficult question!   I've argued with myself on the "sounds like" category a lot but I agree with Ariel that the ultimate goal for an emerging artist working on her pitch, is to simply pique curiosity and convey the general vibe of the music.  I usually have a few contemporary reference artists on hand like Neko Case, Fiona Apple, or Florence and the Machine, as well as a few older artists like Janis Joplin or Grace Slick.  Now, I don't deign to think that I sound exactly like Janis or Gracie, but I do share certain qualities like I have a bohemian style, a strong soulful voice, and I sing pop/rock music.

Although it has been a struggle coming up with my "pitch", with a little help from my friends, I can now confidently proclaim (in less than 15 seconds!) to any askers out there as a solo artist I sing soulful dream rock music reminiscent of Fiona Apple, Neko Case, or Janis Joplin, and I have a debut solo album coming out in September.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 1: Getting Mentally Prepared

I've decided to participate in the "Music Success in 9 Weeks" blogging challenge brought you you by PR-Guru, Ariel Hyatt.  This will include 9 entries, one per week based on each chapter in the hopes of kicking my music career up a few notches (and hopefully winning the prize of some free PR to boot!)

Let me start with a brief introduction to put these entries in context.  I'm a singer currently living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and after singing and writing for the Indie Rock band, Dead Copycats, for the past several years, I've just finished recording my first solo project -- an album of 7 indie pop/rock songs.  Although I've lived in New York almost a decade now,  I've quit my administrative day job as of September 1st in order to pursue creative endeavors full-time.  I'll be heading to Europe in the fall for travel and touring, and then to Northern California to write a second album before returning to the best city in the world.  Should be an adventure, but it's due time, and I'm definitely up for it.  So!  This blogging challenge is just what I need to stay motivated and on-task.

Week 1 in "Music Success" is all about goal setting, small and large.  Take the first exercise, which is designed to facilitate positive thinking:  Ariel suggests keeping a daily journal of 5 successes,  even if they don't necessarily have to do with music.  Admittedly, I'm not one for journaling, but here it goes......(and man! is it difficult to think of 5 wins each day, especially over July 4th weekend when it's  all about celebrating and kicking back.)  Check out my list for day one:

1.  Sitting down and actually writing this blog entry
2.  Emailed my talented designer friend to help me out with album art (please!!!???)
3.  Had the moxy to talk up my cd release with strangers at a party last night (and get email addresses)
4.  Ventured out of my apt. in 100 degree heat to try out a new brunch spot (ok, ok, this one's a stretch)
5.  Created a sonicbids account for my online press kit

Like I said, this optimistic thinking takes training and hopefully it will only get easier.  Hey, thinking positively already!

Chapter 1 moves on from the merits of accounting for one's daily successes to acknowledging big-time goals.  I already did this particular exercise several months ago, so it's interesting to look back and check on my own progress.  As of April 2010, these were my 6 Big-Time Goals (and my since-then progress):

1.  Set up my own website featuring the sale of my new album.  The website is up and running: and the album will be for sale in September!!!
2.  Plan European tour dates for fall 2010.    Yikes, haven't contacted any club owners yet, but have done preliminary research on where I'd like to play.
3.  Plan record release party for September 2010.   Done.  Booked Cameo in the back of the Lovin' Cup in Williamsburg, BK on September 23rd.
4.  Book Summer 2011 tour dates in U.S.   Not even close to thinking about this one.  I have to move and travel Europe before this happens.
5.  Develop online presence by maintaining sites like twitter, facebook, myspace, sonicbids.  Yes, I not-so-secretly love stuff like this because I have so many awesome people in my life to keep tabs on.
6.  Write material for a second album by December 2010.   I'm going to go ahead and amend this particular goal to extend my deadline to Spring 2011.  I'm hoping to use my travel experience for material, and I'll need time to let it marinate.

As a former collegiate swimmer, goal setting is no strange concept to me, although in athletics, it's easy to measure success.  In the music industry, it's difficult to know where to start.  I mean, I know that if I do the same kick set in the pool each day holding a faster and faster interval, my legs are bound to get stronger, and my times will get faster when it's time for competition.  But in music, I can do all the vocal scales I want, but it won't help me sell any albums....well, only to a point.  So it helps to know after reading this book, that there are concrete steps that I can take, and the first step is thinking long and hard about what it is I really want and then counting successes as they come.  I'm already optimistic and excited to follow the 9 steps and see where they take me and my new album.

Until next time,


Monday, June 28, 2010

Grand in a flash!

from June 11th, 2010:

I got an exciting message earlier this week from Jeff at the studio that he'd had a cancellation and was able to finish mastering the tracks. I had no idea they would be ready so fast...not that I'm complaining. So I made my way to Galuminum Foil Studios in the pouring rain to collect my treasures and safely store the discs in a plastic bag....oh I double bagged that jam! Those are my babies. I will not be letting them out of the nest just yet.  I haven't even started to think of album art yet and I'm only beginning to plan the release party.

In other news, I gave my notice at Columbia and will be pursuing creative enterprises full time, beginning in September.  Yaya!  But more news on that later....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

In the Mix

I'm officially done recording, and it's a big relief (although kind of sad it's over).  Jeff has mixed 6 out of 7 songs and at the risk of sounding cocky and for lack of a better phrase, they sound F***ing Awesome.  I can't wait to share them with everyone.  MAJOR props to Producer, Jeff Berner at Galuminum Foil Studios.  I've set the date of the release party for Thursday, September 23rd in Williamsburg (location to be announced), and there's a lot to take care of beforehand, including mastering, album art, rehearsals, etc.  I will, of course, torture my inner circle of friends with multiple listening parties, and demand delightful ego stroking.  Be gentle, I'm a fragile flower ;)

In other news, watched "Men Who Stare at Goats" yesterday and laughed my ass right off.  My kind of movie, dark comedy with my favorite Dude, Jeff Bridges.

Coming up this week, I have a gig with the Dead Copycats on Tuesday, June 8th at Local 269 bar on the Lower East Side at 9pm.  We're opening for a friend's band, The Miki Doras, so it should be a congenial fun time.  Click HERE for the location.

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Sometimes" There's a Pinch of Happy

Sitting in the cushy plaid chair at the Galuminum Foil Studio  (don't try to find the pun....there isn't one) in South Williamsburg Brooklyn, sipping on a Modelo Especial, listening to a kick-ass drummer playing to my scratch track of "Sometimes", I have to smile and pinch myself.  I realize it's a cliche that the best parts of life are the rides and not the destinations, but damn, right now feels like a little bit of both.  So F$$$ing happy right now.  This EP is going to be SO bad-ass.   Pictured is the best back-of-the-head-model east of the Mississippi (as well as bad-ass drummer I mentioned earlier) Sarab Singh and Jeff Berner, zeee Producairrrrre (and that's what 10 years of French gets you).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Day Job Dilemma + reference to my favorite Saved by the Bell episode.

I just posted this on the Dead Copycats blog, but it applies to my solo songwriting as well. In the words of Jessie Spano "There's Never Any Time!"

Monday, March 15, 2010


Greetings Blogosphere! 
Hate to start off on a less than positive note, but I must confess I was highly disappointed by the deluge this past weekend.  I am completely worthless on a rainy day, especially one following a bleak and blizzardy New York February.  My goals of finishing lyrics for two new songs for the Dead Copycats were completely drowned under the 25 inches of rainfall.  AND, I rolled into the office job an hour late because my body couldn't quite adjust to the time change.  Great start to the week!
Nevertheless, hope springs eternal....and for someone with a dash of the seasonal depression blues, it springs eternal in the spring.  March is flying by and I can't wait to start recording my solo stuff in April.  Can't help but think how appropriate it is to start a brand new creative project in the zenith of sprintime in New York, my absolute favorite time in the city, when those cherry blossoms start a-bloomin' and all those clothes peel right off.  Til Then!