Friday, April 9, 2010

"Sometimes" There's a Pinch of Happy

Sitting in the cushy plaid chair at the Galuminum Foil Studio  (don't try to find the pun....there isn't one) in South Williamsburg Brooklyn, sipping on a Modelo Especial, listening to a kick-ass drummer playing to my scratch track of "Sometimes", I have to smile and pinch myself.  I realize it's a cliche that the best parts of life are the rides and not the destinations, but damn, right now feels like a little bit of both.  So F$$$ing happy right now.  This EP is going to be SO bad-ass.   Pictured is the best back-of-the-head-model east of the Mississippi (as well as bad-ass drummer I mentioned earlier) Sarab Singh and Jeff Berner, zeee Producairrrrre (and that's what 10 years of French gets you).