Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 3: Optimizing Your Website

My initial concern with this particular 9 Weeks chapter "Optimizing Your Website" is that my newly recorded material isn't ready to be released.  So, if I can't give away the new songs, what can I give people?  Light bulb!  I have a laptop, I can borrow a video camera...I can record cover songs...and I can sing them at your request.  Everyone is encouraged to request a song for me to sing in a video.  I'll be giving the MP3 versions out as free downloads.  Just send an email with your request to   I shot the first video with guitarist and friend, Sonia Marquez.  Of course, the technology gods do not generally smile upon me, but I hope to get the first video up and running by tomorrow.  You can watch it HERE.

Going through this week's chapter checklist, technical difficulties seem to be the running joke...on me.  Twitter won't upload my profile info.  My MP3s are too big to post on Myspace or Facebook.  My "Sounds like" pitch won't fit in the top third of my homepage.  My computer won't upload the video I shot.  Nothing's ever just easy, is it? 

However! I'm going through the steps, doing what I can with what I've got, which is all we can ever do.  The good news is that I have a free MP3 to give away right's the demo version of "Sometimes", which I recorded in my hallway.  It's on my homepage. The studio version will be the first track on my new album.  AND, my website loads quickly, thanks to hostbaby, which incidentally has some great web building templates.  Mine fits my aesthetic perfectly -- purple and swirly!  -- and matches my Myspace

I've also noticed many more hits on my website since this blogging challenge began, so that's rad.  Until next week,

Jess Braun: Dream Rock Songstress


  1. Whatever you're doing, it's working - this site came up as the first hit when I Googled "Jess Braun" - it used to be the 4th hit (which still isn't bad!).

    Keep it up chica!

  2. Thanks, man! Keep googling me! It will up my rank :)