Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 5: Blogging

Rosie the Blogger
So many bloggers!  Wow, the human race certainly has a lot to communicate.  This week, the challenge is about blogging - finding the ones you'd like to regularly read and respond to, and where you'd eventually like to be reviewed.

I've had the Google Reader for a while, which I had assumed left my "calling card" to the blogs I follow.  The whole Google Friend Connect thing was news to me.  But now I've joined that too, so hopefully the people I follow will now know that I follow them.  In addition to the Google reader, I created a yahoo mybloglog account and profile. Within the first 10 minutes I had 5 contact requests -- not totally sure what that means yet, but I think it's good.

I also joined and perused and commented on and subscribed to some blogs who write about the current artists that I admire. These sites turned me onto some very interesting new-to-me bands and some covers of songs by artists I like (think Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love covered by Florence and the Machine). I also finally figured out how to link Google reader to my Blogger account so that my blog site now lists the ones I follow.  Very cool!

Also in MSiNW Chapter 5, Ariel talks about the blogging culture, and how you can't just pitch yourself to someone without engaging first.  I totally agree, and wanted to add that I think it's important to stress the follow-up thank-you when a blogger writes about you. I've only been reviewed so far for my work with Dead Copycats (Remember - the solo album will be released next month!!!) but I made sure to send thank you emails to our reviewers and without fail I've received a follow-up note of appreciation. I don't know if they'll review my solo work, but at least I can say I've got manners ;) {Guess I can't escape my southern roots no matter how long I spend in New York.)

I really enjoyed this challenge because it was all about researching the very music I'm interested in, and finding out what people have to say about it.  This assignment didn't seem at all like "homework" (I have to admit, the techie widgety stuff last week did drive me a little crazy).  I think it's important, not only to engage with people who can help you and who you can help, but also to continue your own musical education simply by exposing yourself to new artists and reading what people say about them.

Until next week:

Jess Braun: Dream Rock Songstress


  1. Hey Jess!

    Good going on your blog! I also like using your Hype Machine blog finder technique - very clever!

    Here's to your music success!

    (one of Ariel's judges ;-)

  2. Hi Jess. I think your point about following up with a thank you to bloggers who write about you is so important. I always think it's, at the least, common courtesy given that they've taken the time to write about us. Anyways, really enjoying reading your blog. All the best, N.

  3. Thanks, Carla. Thanks, Neil.
    All the best to you both!